54B Operations in the Salton Sea

Salton Sea, California’s largest lake was formed in 1905. That year, the Colorado River choked with melting snow and excessive rainfall, burst its boundaries. The overflow filled a basin in Southeastern California that now covers 376 square miles, is 52 feet at maximum depth and whose surface level is 226 feet below sea level. As […]

Japanese Sign Final Surrender

Japanese Surrender- Amazing Footage Sept 2, 1945… Very moving considering what happened prior to this event… This is a ‘must see’ for the WWII history buff or anyone interested in history. Interesting the other signers to the document, from New Zealand/Australia to Europe/Russia. This is an actual film made of the surrender ceremony of the […]

The Long Way Home

A civilian airliner, cut off from home by the outbreak of World War II, makes a dash for freedom… December 7, 1941. The Pacific Clipper, Queen of Pan American Airways fleet of flying boats is 6 days out of San Francisco, bound for Auckland, New Zealand. Captain Robert Ford receives a coded message: Japanese attack […]

Experimenting with Landing Gear in 1945

Excerpt from the book, Our Navy Days, By Joseph L Heinz In June 1945, the Navy delivered to our NATS VR-8 squadron, the world’s largest operational seaplane, the Martin MARS, and it also was the largest aircraft, until 1988, ever operationally flown. After many years in design and production, and setbacks, the MARS made her […]

Charleston to Alameda, Via the Seaplane Route

– Quite An Experience  – By Dick Brodeur Our VP-26 PBM squadron was destined to start flying our planes cross country to California and eventually to Pahu, in early September, 1944. We had the opportunity to practice our navigation flights in strange territory when on August 1, 1944 we were ordered to fly PBM-3D BuNo […]

High and Dry

By ATCS Frederick W. Pauling USNR (Ret)) The photograph was sent to me from a friend and fellow crew member of VP-49 and Mariner/Marline Association member Lou Marrero. Lou wondered if I knew anything about this incident depicted in the photograph. Lou received the photo from Cdr. Steve Kaiser USU (ret) who was a VP-49 […]