Saving U.S.S. Greer

by Peter “Trapper“ Askerwitch My story begins on August 26, 1941. VP-74 was being deployed to Iceland. On the aforementioned date, along with a bunch of other guys I was flown to the Squadron Naval Air Station. The next day we were transported by truck to the Boston Navy yard. Since the office furniture had […]

Last of the Big Boats

The National Musuem of Naval Aviation’s SP-5B Marlin by Hill Goodspeed, Museum Historian For more than a half century, the flying boat played an integral role in the operations of the U.S. Navy. During the years following World War I, the majestic machines captured the imagination of the public, with the NC-4 flying boat becoming […]

Safe Landing in South Bay

by Bob Parshall This is all about VP-50’s crew 2 single engine experiences in December 1964 while based at North Island, San Diego. I suggest looking at the DVD first as it basically tells the whole story. (  I was the PPC of crew 2 and the safety officer of VP-50, ’62-’65.  I got out […]

Appointment at Aparri

By Louis M. Guerrieri Historian’s note: This great sea story was sent to me by Lou Guerrieri (VP-46) and chronicles a single engine emergency in a P5M-1. The real damage, however, occurred after help arrived. – Paul H. Hebner In January, 1955, after serving a year at the U. S. Naval Station on Kwajalein in […]

Responce to “The Japanese Surrender of Wake Island.”

Dear Arnold, I enjoy every issue of the M/M newsletter and read them all cover to cover. I read with great interest in your latest edition, Captain Floyd Harris’ article “The Japanese Surrender of Wake Island.” I’m sorry to say however, I think he had his Hollywood references in error. John Wayne never defended Wake […]