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The Last Mariner Deployment

By Bill Laux (then LTJG, USN) Patrol Squadron FIFTY (VP-50), under CDR C. J. “Dino” Economou, was scheduled to begin the last PBM-5S2 deployment from NAS Alameda, CA, to NAS Iwakuni, Japan, on 2 January 1956, to relieve VP-48, which was also deployed from Alameda, and which operated the newer P5M-1 flying boat. The practice […] Continue reading →

Hurricane Flying

by Taylor McConnell During 1943, Patrol Bomber Squadron VP-206 (later VPB-206) was stationed at Coco Solo Naval Air Station, Panama. Flying Martin “Mariner” PBM-3s’s, we were engaged in tracking down German U-boats in the Caribbean. But part of the Squadron was deployed to an advanced base in Corinto, Nicaragua, on the Pacific Coast.  From there […] Continue reading →

1950 PBM Mariner Aircraft Art

by Ned Norris My brother Jack Norris known as “Jock” in VP46 had joined the Navy 2 years prior to me.  When the Korean War broke out in 1950 I was completing my sophomore year in college.  I joined with hope of serving with my brother.  After completing my schools I was assigned to the […] Continue reading →

The $5,000.00 Photograph

Irvin S. Copper The young guy in the helmet, goggles, and white scarf, was me as a Cadet in January, 1944. It was a photograph taken by the Navy just before we received our wings as U.S. Naval Aviators. The photograph was made for the Navy files, in the event I became a war hero […] Continue reading →