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The Japanese Surrender of Wake Island

By Captain Floyd Harris USN (RET) VP-21 was relieved of combat duties at Shima Wan, Okinawa in early August 1945 and sent to Eniwetok, Marshall Islands. At Eniwetok, it was obvious that the squadron was brought back for something new and different. Many crates of cold weather type equipment and supplies were waiting for us. […] Continue reading →

Huge Gap in VP-22 History

Kenneth D. Landriau, Ltjg, USNR – Retired I thoroughly enjoyed the “Official Record” VP-42, (M/MA Vol. 30, Issue 4) but I was surprised that the story left a huge gap of over ten years, from June 1952 until April 1963. I can fill in part of this gap, because I joined the squadron in March […] Continue reading →

The Last Mariner Deployment

By Bill Laux (then LTJG, USN) Patrol Squadron FIFTY (VP-50), under CDR C. J. “Dino” Economou, was scheduled to begin the last PBM-5S2 deployment from NAS Alameda, CA, to NAS Iwakuni, Japan, on 2 January 1956, to relieve VP-48, which was also deployed from Alameda, and which operated the newer P5M-1 flying boat. The practice […] Continue reading →

Hurricane Flying

by Taylor McConnell During 1943, Patrol Bomber Squadron VP-206 (later VPB-206) was stationed at Coco Solo Naval Air Station, Panama. Flying Martin “Mariner” PBM-3s’s, we were engaged in tracking down German U-boats in the Caribbean. But part of the Squadron was deployed to an advanced base in Corinto, Nicaragua, on the Pacific Coast.  From there […] Continue reading →