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Farm Boy to Seaplanes

by Amos V. Mack, ABHI/NCI USN. Ret 1955-1975 I would like to dedicate this story to my son Mitchell Mack and grandson Michael Gonzalez. Both are ex-sailors and members of the MMA. This is probably not the typical news letter story but I feel it proves that a seventeen year old farm boy from GA. […] Continue reading →

Vietnam Recalled

by J R Taylor , ATN2, 2nd Tech, Crew 5, VP 50 About a thousand years ago I joined the Navy right out of high school for many reasons. Adventure, sure. To get out of the place I grew up in, sure. But mostly I was just sick of going to school and wanted something […] Continue reading →

The Seamaster Remembered

By Commander William L. Murphy, USN (Ret.) From Naval Aviation News December 1981 “Comes now into the Domain of Poseidon a new winged Navy vehicle with unsurpassed dash, elusiveness and lethal power…” So read the certificate presented to those naval aviators who have qualified in the P6M Seamaster, the world’s first multijet flying boat. I […] Continue reading →