You Never Know who Lives Next Door

By Bill Teixeira, Titusville FL.

Bob's memorobilia

Bob’s memorobilia

Navy Veteran Robert Stuart Burgoyne World War II who served in the US Naval Air Corps passed away on Sunday December 21, 2014 at age 90. Born on December 7th War II at 19 years old in 1943, and was assigned to the US Naval Air Corps Navy.
Joining the Navy was his plan to be with his brother Charles Burgoyne, who had enlisted in the Navy before Bob. Both brothers were single at the time and living in Dorchester, Massachuestts when they were inducted into the service. Bob was inducted into the service July 19, 1943 and place of entry was in Boston, MA. He was trained and stationed at Newport, RI, NATTC, Norman, Okla., Jacksonville, Florida, Banana, River, and Florida, Robert Burgoyne was assigned to the Pacific War Campaign and was attached to the Seventh Fleet with the rank of Aviation Ordnanceman Third Class SV-6.

Roberg Burgoyne

Roberg Burgoyne

He received the following citations, American Theater Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Theater Metal, Philippine Liberation Metal, Air Crewman’s Wings with 37 combat starts; Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal; World War II Victory Medal. He was Honorable Discharged on October 29, 1945. Mr. Robert S. Burgoyne was a tough guy, but a tough guy with a big heart.
Attached find, Japanese Flag, Small American Flag with 48 stars, Shoulder Patches, Ribbons, China Flag with words stating he is an American, Two Model Planes which he flew the Martin PBM Mariner. Bob had special made two special Baseball Caps with the words, ‘US NAVAL AIR CORPS WORLD WAR II’ and wore them very often.
Bob Burgoyne lived in Titusville Florida after he retired as an Executive with Stoletto Products and then Pepsi Cola. Bob was a very private person and one who never talked about his service record, as most veterans who have seen action just do not want to discuss what they went through and rather not have others go through what they went through. They are heroes and did what they had to do to protect you and me from doing what they did for us and want to forget it all. How can we forget a service person like Robert Burgoyne? Thanks for your service and your friendship may you rest in Peace.

Bob's award letter

Bob’s award letter

I got to know Bob in 2004 when we would attend HOA meetings and became friends with him and his wife Betty. Betty passed on in April of 2014 and they were a couple who were so concerned with each other like to young lovers. Bob never discussed his service experiences with me until he was told he had a limited time left back in November 2014. He asked that I not write or tell anyone about his service related experiences we talked about until after he passed on. Today’s world and living in a community people are so into themselves and never talk to neighbors or even wave to each other as years ago. Yes, I am so glad I got to exchange greetings with Bob Burgoyne at the HOA meetings and becoming his friend for all he and his wife needed was someone to love them as I and my wife did. We never know who lives next door until we say hello or exchange some greetings.

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