A New Challenge, Coin That Is

challenge coinsChallenge Coins are an old fad, and very popular in the Active Units of today’s Armed Forces. Its source is said by some to have originated during World War I, in the aviation units of that time. Today the are carried by the military and
identify the person as a member of his/her battalion, regiment, squadron, ship, Special Forces, etc., typically awarded for exceptional performance by the Unit Leader/Command.
At long last the Mariner/Marlin Association has joined the movement and has obtained a supply of challenge coins bearing the MMA “Anywhere – Anytime” Logo, and they can be purchased from Robert Tibbetts for $20.

Being a former member of VP-50, I also ordered a supply of the “Blue Dragon” Coins that are also available through Robert Tibbetts for $15. They were  introduced at the Warwick, RI Reunion last month and was a well received keepsake by their new owners.

Robert Tibbetts
2017 Blackhorse Ln.
Lexington, Ky 40503

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5 thoughts on “A New Challenge, Coin That Is

  1. Arthur Huhta says:

    I would like to buy a VP50 challenge coin. How do I do this?
    Arthur Huhta VP50 1964-1967


    i was in vp50 from 1957 to 1960

  3. gerald smith says:

    formerly sg9 ordie@yahoo.com, formerly gsml158@yahoo.com

    NEW Address gsgs157@mail.com

    Whats my standing?

  4. I’m also interested in the VP50 challenge coin but would like more info. What size are these coins & how do I get one, Mr Tibbetts?
    VP50 flight crew member 1966-1969.

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