New President of the MMA

Biography of Douglas C. Miles – Douglas C. Miles was born in Florence South Carolina in Oct. of 1946 and was one of five sons of Raleigh J. Miles. He grew up on a dairy farm second of five boys in Florence County. He graduated from J. C. Lynch high school in 1964. One week after gradation (June 9th) he reported for Navy boot camp in San Diego, California as a “kiddy cruiser” at the age of seventeen years. Upon completion of such he attended aviation ordnance “A” school in Jacksonville, Florida then went on to the fleet for aviation ordnanceman aircrew training with VP-31 for the P-5. Once this was completed he requested “brother” assignment to serve with his brother Raleigh Miles Jr. in VP-50. Doug and Raleigh made the 1965/1966 tour to Vietnam with Doug flying in crew five and Raleigh flying in crew one. Upon return to the states in 1966 Raleigh’s enlistment tour was completed and he returned home.  Doug returned to Vietnam with VP-50 for the 1966/1967 tour continuing to fly with crew five. Upon return to the states he participated in VP-50’s transition from P-5’s to P-3’s. Doug completed his enlistment in Oct. of 1967 and returned to South Carolina.
Using the GI education bill Doug returned to school and received a degree in civil engineering technology and construction management. Doug married his high school sweetheart in 1968 and they have two children, April and Doug Jr.. Doug is now the proud grandfather of three.

Doug is now semi-retired from the engineering and construction business living at his home in Birmingham, Alabama spending lots of his time fishing at his retirement home on Grand Isle, Louisiana.  Doug is a Senior Project Manager who has worked and lived in many different locations both national and international. His project assignments included chemical, petrochemical, herbicide, ammonia fertilizer, power, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, foods, tobacco, commercial, water-treatment, wastewater treatment, foundry, and airports.

Doug has been a member of MMA for more than 10 years and looks forward to serving as your president.

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6 thoughts on “New President of the MMA

  1. Loy Rickman says:

    Hi All, I have intended to join MMA for some time but never got around to it , old memory being what it is. Anyway, I served with Doug in VP-50 from 65-67 and flew in Bob Bolerjack’s crew 2 as first tech/radio/panel. Before that tour, I was in VP-31 for training in ’62 and again in ’65. I served in VP-48 in ’62-’63 with Denny Graff’s crew 5. In 1967 I was selected for NESEP graduating in ’71 and served in the E2B/C community for 11 years before retiring in 1982. I still have my 66-67 cruise book with Doug’s picture in it. The Ordie in crew 5 was Steve Morman. Would love to hear from any old shipmates.

    I visited the Museum in Pensacola last year and a good friend at the museum got me inside the P5. Surprising how much original equipment is still in the plane. I thought it would have been stripped but was not the case. I have pictures inside if anyone is interested.

    Cheers, Loy Rickman

  2. Jack Coiner says:

    I would like to contact Loy Rickman. He posted a msg. stating he was able to obntain some photos of the interior of the P5 at Pensacola.

    I served in VP42 ’56 – ’60 North Island and would appreciate contacting Loy.

  3. Nick Ream says:

    Hi Loy:
    Havn’t herd from you since we wre at the E2 conferance in 83?
    Cheese whiz 30 years?

  4. Nick Ream says:

    Hi Loy:
    Congrats on your new position.
    I would deffinatly be interested in obtaining pics of the P5 inside.
    Wishing you smooth sailing with your new venture with the association.

  5. Jack Coiner says:

    Hoping to hear from Loy Rickman re; interior photos of P 5. Be glade to pay for photos and or shipping cost.

    thanks: jack coiner; 1533 Vanderwell ave la puente ca. 91744; 626 617 0475;

    vp42 56-60

  6. Hi Jack,
    I was in VP-42 from 56 to 59. Plane 9, two cruises. I think that I remember you. Have some pictures. Some I got from Doug Norcross.

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