Japanese Sign Final Surrender

Japanese Surrender- Amazing Footage Sept 2, 1945…

Very moving considering what happened prior to this event…

This is a ‘must see’ for the WWII history buff or anyone interested in history. Interesting the other signers to the document, from New Zealand/Australia to Europe/Russia.

This is an actual film made of the surrender ceremony of the Japs to McArthur in Tokyo Bay in September 1945. Actual voice of the General. Never been shown to the general public before. We always saw the “stills” but never the film itself.

Historical Footage: Japanese Surrender Signing Aboard Battleship Missouri Sunday Sept. 2, 1945.
An important piece of history.


News reel of the surrender ceremony on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945. Background music is “With Honour Crowned”.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Sign Final Surrender

  1. Doug Watts says:

    VPB 208 was stationed aboard the tender USS Hamlin, Shimawan Bay, Okinawa. The morning of Sept.2,1945 our PBM was ordered to Yokosuka Naval base to do recon flights around Honshu. Since we didn’t know what to expect, our pilot, Lt.
    Mckibbon, ordered all guns manned and ready. Our flight pattern to Yokosuka took us right over Tokyo Bay. I was in the tail turret and the sight I saw will never be forgotten! Our altitude was almost roof-top level on the last leg of our approach and it looked like the whole Pacific was in port; carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers,etc. was all spread out before me. Then the ultimate, the Missouri came into view and I looked down on the actual signing of the surrender !
    To my left I also noticed metal buildings with large POW signs painted on their rooftops ( So they wouldn’t get bombed ). A very eventful day!

  2. It’s a joy to find soneome who can think like that

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