VP–56ers REUNITE IN NORFOLK: A Seaplane Story by Russ Farris

Members of VP–56, circa 1955–1960, met in Norfolk, Va. last October to rekindle memories, share sea stories, and pay tribute to shipmates both living and departed.  Although few in number but high in spirit, the group toured Norfolk Naval Station, enjoyed refreshments in the hotel Ready Room and dined together at the Free Mason Tavern […]

You Never Know who Lives Next Door

By Bill Teixeira, Titusville FL. Navy Veteran Robert Stuart Burgoyne World War II who served in the US Naval Air Corps passed away on Sunday December 21, 2014 at age 90. Born on December 7th War II at 19 years old in 1943, and was assigned to the US Naval Air Corps Navy. Joining the […]

The Seamaster Remembered

By Commander William L. Murphy, USN (Ret.) From Naval Aviation News December 1981 “Comes now into the Domain of Poseidon a new winged Navy vehicle with unsurpassed dash, elusiveness and lethal power…” So read the certificate presented to those naval aviators who have qualified in the P6M Seamaster, the world’s first multijet flying boat. I […]

The Forgotten Era of Men & Vessels: Australia Goes to War

Selections from Leslie R. Jubbs’ work, “Royal Australian Air Force, “Marine Section” Soon after the devastating Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbour, where the American Naval Fleet was severely damaged or sunk, and the Army Air Force’s aircraft and facilities were also destroyed. A very similar devastating bombing raid was made on Darwin, the Capital […]

A New Challenge, Coin That Is

Challenge Coins are an old fad, and very popular in the Active Units of today’s Armed Forces. Its source is said by some to have originated during World War I, in the aviation units of that time. Today the are carried by the military and identify the person as a member of his/her battalion, regiment, […]

The Training Flight I Would Never Wish to Experience Again

by Joseph Pasquinni AD-3 I became interested in airplanes through my older brother, eight years my senior.  I was building rubber band powered models in grade school.  Currently I’m in a radio control airplane club.  Our flying sight is at the Valley Forge National Park located northwest from Philadelphia. I attended Benjamin Franklin High School […]